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Family Fun

PYO Plan WebWhen you visit West Green Fruits we want you to have a happy time.

During your visit parents and guardians must supervise their children at all times in the interests of everyone's safety, both in the car park, the fruit fields and surrounding paths and tracks.

West Green Fruits is in a farm setting and produces high quality summer fruits for you to pick and enjoy. We do not offer other facilities and there are no loos on site so do make sure you and your children are 'comfortable' before you arrive.

Apart from vehicles visiting West Green Fruits we operate as part of a working farm and so farm vehicles pass through too. 

Tractors and machinery are exciting to many of our visitors but do need respect.

However, do ask if you would like a peek inside a tractor or the combine harvester etc - if its possible the drivers can be asked to stop, but please do not be disappointed if they can't that day and please do not flag them down yourself. Just ask one of us in the shop.

We have a dedicated area, away from the car park and behind the shop, for picnicing away from vehicles.
Either bring your own rugs or use our tables.
Please remember that you must pay for what you have picked before you eat it.

Sadly, whilst as a family we love our dogs, we cannot allow dogs on site (other than assistance dogs).

If you do have your dog(s) with you it (they) must stay in your car because of hygiene and insurance constraints placed upon us.
It is not of our own making.
Also, dogs are not everyone's cup of tea!

Our Grass 'Labyrinth' (it wasn't actually a maze) has proved very popular with younger children who can run about solo while their parents rest and watch and so we will cut some squiggly paths through another area of grass again this year.
The grass acts as a 'break crop' between plantings and you will also be able to see farm crops and follow their ripening progress through the season: from green to yellow, to the point of harvest when the combine harvester will do its thing.

We do not charge for any of this, its just for fun, but we do have charity tins and appreciate donations for our charities. We then split the donations between our charities for the year.

These tins, or 'Sin Bins' as we fondly call them, are on our counter and are also used for the change that customers leave for our charities - it is surprising how the pennies add up - and so please add your donations to this so that the charities can benefit even more.

In 2017 proceeds will be split between The Matthew Elvidge Trust and Naomi House Children's Hospice with Jack's Place.
The Grand Total you donated for 2016 exceeded £800. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The Matthew Elvidge Trust works towards destigmatising depression in the young and to this end operates by supporting existing organisations and programmes.
Naomi House Children's Hospice with Jack's Place supports patients and families dealing with terminal and life limiting conditions in their young.

For 2017 we will be supporting The Matthew Elvidge Trust once again and aomi House Children's Hospice with Jack's Place.

If you are interested in our chosen charities please look under CHARITIES at the 'LINKS' page for links to their websites.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting us through the summer and if you have any ideas or suggestions that you think would make your visit even more enjoyable do share them with us.
Just let me or one of the gang in the shop know.


Opening Hours


The Christmas Barn is now closed for 2017


Our season has now ended.
We re-open early June 2018
Please check for actual dtails

Please call 01252 845772 for information from May 1st