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Christmas Trees

sport treeThe Christmas Trees in our Christmas Barn are Hampshire grown first quality Nordmann Fir (non drop) and Norway Spruce (conventional) and are not harvested until the second half of November, making them truly fresh so that your tree will look good for the whole Christmas season.

We display the trees in stands for you to have a good look all round them and so choose the perfect tree for your Christmas.

If we haven’t got the exact one that you want on display just ask and we will show you more - Derek is especially good at finding just the right one!
Once you have made your choice we re-net it, trim the trunk so that it fits your stand and then pop it into your car.

Derek with treeBoth Norway Spruce (old fashioned) and Nordman Fir (‘non-drop’) are stocked in varying sizes from approximately 3 feet (90 cm) to 12 feet (3.5m) tall, and taller trees are available on request.

tree in carOur prices are very competitive and trimming, netting and loading your car are all part of the service . 

Do bring your own stand when you visit so we can ensure that your tree fits!

We can also show you how to 'prune' your tree invisibly so that once you are home you can make any tiny adjustments needed for absolute perfection.

We can also deliver locally for a nominal charge.

Finally, if you need a stand we have a selection of simple, robust and well priced stands that will make displaying your tree easy, stable (even if the cat runs up it, like ours have done) and simple to keep watered.

My own 2014 wreathWreaths

(or halos, as one lovely lady prefers to call them)
We have decorated and 'naked' wreaths to buy from our display,

You can have one decorated to order or buy the naked wreath for you and your family to decorate yourselves at home. The small rings can also be used to for table decorations and advent wreaths.We have decorations to buy or you may have your own already.

It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved and we'll show you how to do it if its your first attempt at no additional cost.
We have holly wreaths too or, if preferred, our fir wreaths can be over-laid with holly as an alternative.


Christmas BarnWe have a simple but comprehensive selection of unusual baubles, including some hand made in India .
They are really pretty and unusual and will give a bit of added bling to your tree and the families who make them for our supplier do so year on year making their businesses sustainable.
Additionally, we have some really beautifuland beautiful glass baubles with LED lights inside them from Denmark along with some battery operated wax candles taht are safe, realistic and the batteries last for ages!

Jams, Chutneys and Honey

These are the same home produced yummies that we sell during the summer.
The chutneys and jellies are perfect with Christmas meals and our very own jams (new for 2017) make tea time treats.

They also all make delicious gifts for friends, family and teachers if you're prepared to part with them!

Local Potatoes

In 2015 we also stocked half sized sacks of potatoes (12.5kg) from Keith and Christine White, our summer egg suppliers. Its a bonus to be able to support Keith and Christine at Christmas and offer you more of their local produce.

Opening Hours


Final day of 2018 Season
Saturday 8th September 2018

We reserve the right to close without notice if necessary

Please re-check this site & facebook for latest information

or call 01252 845772 for information from May 1st


The Christmas Barn opens:
Saturday November, 24th 2018
until stock runs out
or December 22nd. latest

Open DAILY (inc Mondays)
9am - 4.30pm