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Welcome to West Green Fruits
Pick Your Own fruit in Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 8LP

We have been beavering away, one way and another, since the close of the PYO season on September 8th.

Carolyn had a minor trip into hospital and so had a few weeks of being off games (very handy!), while Andrew and Derek cracked on with farm planting and clearing, hedgecutting and so on.

The band of boys who did the pruning of raspberries and other outside work during the PYO season had got everything so well up together that by the time we closed there was very little left to finish off.

Our wonderful helpers in the shop did sterling work too through the summer and Sarah and Rachel helped me with the first of the Christmas deliveries immediately afterwards, which was wonderful. They also managed to get me organised in the store with everything in its place so that I could see what else was needed for Christmas.

Sam has now set off for her year in New Zealand, as part of her degree in Environmental Studies, and Sarah and Rachel have begun their final years of university. With luck Sam will be back next summer, but I suspect the other two will be snapped up into the world of 'proper' work swiftly and so won't be back to work with us, sadly. Dolly is busy with things floristry and, of course, her family but will hopefully join us occasionally again.

As to my faithful friends who have stepped in to the breach over the last two summers as I disappeared to be with our daughter who has needed surgery we can only express our undying thanks!

Of the boys, Sam has started his Matster's and Josh his first year at university and Ted, while back at university, is off with family to visit Sam in New Zealand over Christmas.Michael is in his final year of university but will be in the Christmas Barn at some point, we hope.

All the signs from the summer were cleaned and re-oiled and put away in ONE place. A first for us! Equally, all the Christmas signs were similarly organised, which is making the current prepping for next week's opening so much easier. Its a joy to walk up to a bank of shelving units and being able to actually see everything without moving boxes piled up on each other.

We have also planted the main bed of new strawbnerries and have another smaller area of our later variety to plant in the Spring. We have some autumn type raspberries to plant - somehow in between the Christmas Barn work and we are going to grow new raspberries in pots that should satisfy the late summer section better for us, and particularly you. It always good to have a new project, and this one is no different. Much learning to be done!

However, the weather has been generally so mild that the raspberry spawn has continued to grow, which now needs to be removed again, and so has the grass, which we have kept cutting to reduce disease threat. On top of that the raspberry stems are still too soft to be tied up and so that is a job waiting, possibly until the New Year.

Thus, we are preparing to open the Christmas Barn on the 25th and as I type Andrew and Derek are beavering away out there getting organised for the arrival of trees and enlarging the car park area. We unwrapped many of the baubles yesterday and the beautiful Danish ones are due in at the beginning of the week.

We go up to New Covent Garden Flower Market for wreaths etc the day before we open, and so there will  be a flurry of activity decorating some ready for the following morning. Dave Gorton of GB Foliage, speacialises in supplying goods that are of British origin as far as possible, which is a premise dear to our hearts here.

And so, in conclusion, if you visit us in the next month we will hopefully be able to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in person, but if not we wish you the same and hope that we see you next summer.

With Best wishes,
Andrew, Carolyn and all who help us


Opening Hours


Final day of 2018 Season
Saturday 8th September 2018

We reserve the right to close without notice if necessary

Please re-check this site & facebook for latest information

or call 01252 845772 for information from May 1st


The Christmas Barn opens:
Saturday November, 24th 2018
until stock runs out
or December 22nd. latest

Open DAILY (inc Mondays)
9am - 4.30pm

Planting strawberries

Getting ready for the new season, planting out the strawberries.


The crop of delicious strawberries.


The girls in their uniform.

Job well done

Job well done!